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Window Restoration
Window and Door Restoration
Window Weatherization
Door Weatherization and Repair
Historic windows were designed so that individual parts could be repaired or replaced if damaged.   And they are likely made of old growth wood that is much more dense and durable than the wood that is used in new wood windows.  They were made to last and when properly maintained and weatherized, are as energy efficient as new replacement windows.  Old House Restoration can help you preserve your home's historic windows through any or all of the following steps:
  • Removing paint and old putty from window sash using steam box
  • Wood repair of sill, frame and window sash - epoxy repairs, or wood replacement when absolutely necessary
  • ​Glass retention or replacement when needed or desired
  • Reglazing glass
  • Rehanging window sash with either new spring loaded pulleys or energy efficient jamb liners (foam insulation is added to weight pockets as a part of both methods)
  • Window weatherization as described below
  • Hardware polished, lacquered and reinstalled.  If orignial hardware is missing, appropriate replacement antique hardware can be located and installed 
Studies have shown that historic windows can be made as energy efficient as new double pane windows. (Sedovic, 2005 as reported by preservationnation.org)  Along with properly installed storms, window weatherization includes:
  • Installation of spring-bronze weather stripping in sash tracks
  • Installation of silicone tube seal on bottom of lower sash, top of upper sash and at lower sash meeting rail
  • Foam insulation of weight pockets

Original windows and doors are one of the most important architectural elements of any historic building.  They define the period and quality of the structure.  Both can be repaired and made energy efficient, saving money on energy and protecting the value and aesthetics of your historic home. 
Antique Hardware Replacement
  • Installation of silicone tube seal weather stripping 
  • Wood epoxy repairs 
  • Sanding and painted or stained finishes
  • Door knobs, locks and hinges reconditioned.  If original hardware is missing, appropriate replacement antique hardware can be located and installed
A key element of a historic home is its beautiful antique hardware.  If any of your windows or doors are missing hardware or if it is in disrepair, Old House Restoration can help.  We can assist in locating antique replacements that match existing hardware or is appropriate to the period of the house.  If it simply needs to be stripped, polished and lacquered, we can do that too.