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Original windows and doors are one of the most important architectural elements of any historic building.  They define the period and quality of the structure.  Both can be repaired and made energy efficient, saving money on energy and protecting the value and aesthetics of your historic home.  Learn more
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Restoration services that will help smooth the path of your preservation journey.
Window & Door Restoration
How to paint an old house so that it lasts for 15 years or longer
Custom Trim Millwork
If the proper steps are taken, your new paint job can last much longer than normal - years longer.  It's all in the preparation.  With a little more work upfront, you will end up with a more beautiful and longer lasting result.  
Old House Painting 101


Our story started 18 years ago with the purchase of our first old house.  And what an adventure it has been!  Four full-house restorations and assorted other projects later, we have become certified "column-hugging, mortar-repointing, house-restoring, sprawl-avoiding, paint-scraping, history-loving, photo-taking, PRESERVATIONISTS!"

During this time, Kurt has perfected a number of restoration techniques.  (Don't even get him started - he's obsessed!)  Through this website we hope to share a brief look at these services and how Kurt can help you with your own restoration project.  Take a look and then give him a call - he'd love to discuss your restoration project in detail and hear some of your preservation stories.  We all have them!
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Historic preservation provides 
an unforgettable chapter 
in a person's life.
         Those of us who venture 
         down this road are indeed a
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Edwardsville Historic Preservation Commission for restoration of 647 Hillsboro Avenue (E.B. Glass House, circa. mid-1870's). This home is featured on the Historic Tour of Edwardsville's Post Civil War buildings and Sites of Interest.  Photo

Goshen Preservation Alliance for restoration of two homes - 303 Douglas Avenue (Charles Gueltig House, circa. 1920) and 647 Hillsboro Avenue.  Photo
Other Services Learn more
  • Tuckpointing
  • VCT and Ceramic Floors
  • Consulting
When restoring an old home, sometimes not all of its wood trim can be saved, no matter how hard you try to salvage it.  Being able to replace this wood trim is integral to an old home's preservation and Old House Restoration can match and mill it for you.  Learn more